Detecta10 CO Alarm D10 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide is invisible, and deadly, hence the name “silent killer”. That is why it is so important to install a CO alarm and regularly test it to check that both its battery and its gas sensor are working to protect you and those around you.

Every bit as important as a smoke alarm, the early warning a properly installed and regularly tested CO alarm can give you can make the difference between life and death.

The Detecta10 is a cost effective, simple yet reliable domestic CO alarm.

From October 1st Under ‘The Energy Act 2015’ all landlords within the UK will be required by law to install working CO and smoke alarms or face up to a £5,000 fine or Imprisonment!! Working CO alarms saves lives, so ensure to protect yourself , your family and your tenants by installing working CO alarms tested with Detectagas®!!

✓  Certified to BS EN 50291

✓  Battery operated (included)

✓  Long life

✓  Easy to install

✓  Loud 85dB alarm

✓  3 LED readouts

✓  Low battery and end of life alarm