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Gas Safe Europe Limited are the home of ‘Detectagas’, the carbon monoxide CO alarm test spray. We are a family owned business that focus on service, quality and competitiveness with customer satisfaction being our primary goal.

Our extensive warehouse facility and offices in Mold, North Wales ensure that our products are readily available and can be delivered anywhere worldwide.

All of our aerosol products are manufactured in the UK & USA and have been winning major Industry Awards since 2000, more than any other product in our industry. We are ISO 9001 accredited and commited to a superior level of quality assurance in all of our operations.

DetectagasCO-DG2 Alarm Test Kit

Detectagas DG2: CO Alarm Test Kit

Detectagas®CO DG2 is our multi-award winning, patented universal test kit for use with all domestic your CO alarm. It safely tests the battery and sensor in your CO alarm to ensure it will alarm if CO becomes present. Our calibrated test gas kit enables users to safely test a CO alarm as you cannot safely generate a controlled and sufficient amount of CO by any other method without risk of harm.

Detectasmoke- Fire security and Smoke alarm test spray

Detectasmoke: Fire security and smoke alarm test spray

Detectasmoke® DS1 our non-flammable, ultra low residue formula Smoke and Fire alarm test aerosol was born out of customer demand and is used across many industries which include: Fire and Security, Maintenance and Marine to regularly test their Fire Security Systems. This product is manufacturer and service company endorsed and is compatible with all leading pole delivery systems.

Detectadusta- powerful spray to get rid of dust and cobwebs

Detectadusta: Powerful spray to get rid of dust and cobwebs

Detectadusta® DD1 our non-flammable, environmentally safe, non-abrasive and very powerful; Dust, dirt, cobwebs and insects can cause alarms to malfunction resulting in false alarms or non alarms. It is easy to use and provides a quick and easy way of clearing detectors.

Detectaleak- tests for leaks in gas and compressed air systems

Detectaleak: Tests for leaks in gas and compressed air systems

Detectaleak® DL1 our safe, reliable, cost effective, clean and convenient way of testing for leaks in gas and compressed air systems. This non-flammable, non-corrosive, biodegradable and totally safe to user. It contains a corrosion inhibitor which makes it suitable for plastic, iron and copper piping and will not damage paintwork, fabrics, carpets etc.

Detectagas- Carbon Monoxide test CO alarm test

Detectagas Carbon Monoxide Test: CO Alarm Test

Detectagas® CO 250ml DG1 was designed to test CO detecting Fire Alarms and to be used with Pole Systems only. Fire Detecting CO Alarms have a very low trigger point compared to Domestic CO Alarm test. This product is unsuitable for testing Domestic CO Alarms – Detectagas® CO Alarm Test Kit DG2 (see above) should be used.

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We are now pleased to offer a range of PPE – Fully Verified and certificated to EN standards.

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