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Our founder, John Stones, was the first to sell domestic carbon monoxide alarms to the public in the UK back in 1992, by mail order.

That early day involvement in carbon monoxide found John sitting on the committee of the first British Standard for CO alarms. It was at this time, having started out his working career as a Chemist, that John realised that there was a flaw with the alarms which he, and by now others had been selling in that the sensor inside the alarms has a limited and indeterminable life. Unfortunately pressing the test button would only test the battery, buzzer and circuitry in the alarm and not the sensors ability to detect the deadly gas. This flaw remains the same today, even with newer technology applied to the modern day alarms the sensors remain the same.

There is no doubt that a CO alarm is a life saving device but in order to ensure ongoing safety, CO alarms must be sensor inclusively tested regularly to ensure they are still able to sense gas.

John immediately withdrew from selling CO alarms in the UK and instead set about finding a solution to the problem. After extensive research and testing, the Detectagas CO Alarm Test Kit was born and has since won numerous industry awards.

We are 100% confident when we say that following over 20 years experience working within the industry, there is nothing we do not know about carbon monoxide.

The full “Detecta” Range was launched early in 2013 in order to compliment our primary product, Detectagas.

All of the Detectagas products are covered by patents, design registrations and registered trademarks.

The Patents and Trademarks of the the ‘Detecta Range’ are owned by the Company. The worldwide manufacturer and distribution rights are exclusively licensed to Gas Safe Europe Ltd.


Our extensive warehouse facility and offices in Mold, North Wales ensure that our products are readily available and can be delivered anywhere worldwide.

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