People still at risk of CO poisoning

As part of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week (18-24 November 2013), a specialist in carbon monoxide (CO) is raising awareness in Ireland of the importance of sensor inclusively testing CO alarms annually and on installation as research shows that 45% of CO alarms installed may no longer be sensing gas.

Following the introduction of a new law, which makes it compulsory for a CO alarm to be fitted in all new homes in Northern Ireland, Gas Safe Europe believes the law does not go far enough to protect people in their homes.

John Stones, Managing Director at Gas Safe Europe, explains: “Whilst the law is certainly a step in the right direction – we want to raise awareness about the importance of testing your CO alarm.

“What many people are not aware of is that pressing the test button on CO alarms only checks that the battery, buzzer and electronics are working and not the gas sensor itself – in fact independent research has shown that 16% of CO alarms fail straight ‘out of the box’.”

To address this problem, Gas Safe Europe has developed and patented a life-saving CO alarm testing product DETECTAGAS® – a multi-award winning test kit that tests the gas sensor on a carbon monoxide alarm is working.

John said: “CO is a silent killer as you can’t see it, smell it or taste it and it can be produced by a faulty or poorly ventilated fuel-burning appliance such as a boiler, fire or cooker.

“We would encourage every home with a fossil fuel burning appliance to have a CO alarm, not just when a new fuel-burning appliance is installed which is now covered by law, but also to ensure they are regularly tested. Using DETECTAGAS® is a fast, simple and efficient way to do that. It only takes seconds to test but it will save lives.”

In the UK, there are 40 deaths each year as a result of CO poisoning with 7,000 admissions to A&E. In addition, a study conducted by Carbon Monoxide- Be Alarmed! found that 2.4million people in Scotland are at risk due to not having a CO alarm in their home to detect the gas.

As well as supplying carbon monoxide alarm test kits, Gas Safe Europe now also supply DETECTA10 carbon monoxide alarm.


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