Sf Detection Product Recalls


A small batch of SF350EN units has been identified as having a minor potential issue. As a result, Honeywell Analytics is recalling these products.

How to find out if your SF350EN has been affected:

Please check the serial number on the back of your unit. The only serial numbers affected will end with the last 4 digits as “0507”.

Alternatively, if you have an unopened product unit package, please look at the latest replacement date label on the front of the unit. The affected units will show “July 2012”. Please note: Units showing any other date are NOT AFFECTED.


If you have purchased any Z10 products between March 2005 and February 2007, please call 

Honeywell Analytics on freephone: 0800 064 2999 (UK). Or for International customers, call our direct number: +44 1202 645798

Our customer support team will be on hand from 08:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday to advise and provide replacement sensors / detectors as appropriate.

Thank you.


Our extensive warehouse facility and offices in Mold, North Wales ensure that our products are readily available and can be delivered anywhere worldwide.

For more information call:

01352 860 600

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