The Full ‘Detecta Range’ is Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of the full ‘Detecta Range’.

After many years working in the industry we are happy to introduce our full product range which includes new aerosols to compliment our flagship product, Detectagas.

The full range includes Detectagas CO Alarm Test Kit, Detectasmoke, Detectadusta, Detectaleak, Detectagas CO and the Detecta10 CO Alarm.


Our smoke alarm tester has been designed with fire alarm servicing in mind.  After 2 years in development we are confident that our product is 100% as effective and safe as other smoke aerosols available in the market following rigorous quality tests carried out by a major European smoke detector manufacturer.

Detectasmoke is available in 150ml and 250ml can sizes and will fit straight into readily available pole delivery devices to test fire alarms and smoke detectors.

Further information about our other products can be found on the Product Page.


Our extensive warehouse facility and offices in Mold, North Wales ensure that our products are readily available and can be delivered anywhere worldwide.

For more information call:

01352 860 600

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