Three Killed When A Generator Leaks Co

Three killed by carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in Baltimore. Baltimore County officials say that three people were found dead on board a cabin cruiser. Authorities responded to reports of unconscious individuals and found two women and a man dead inside their 30ft cabin cruiser.

Carbon monoxide meters showed the level of the deadly gas to be 30 parts per million. Armacost say that levels this high needed an evacuation of the area. Fire officials were unsure as to the reason of the build up of carbon monoxide, but believed that the likely cause related to the generator onboard. A member of the Fire Dept. located and checked the Carbon Monoxide detector and found that the instrument went through the ‘check out’ procedure. The instrument checked itself, but it did not sound an alarm. Detector was an Aqua Meter brand. The CO detecor did not sound the alarm and the green light indicating levels of CO did not go past the 0 mark.


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