Why Do You Need To Test Your Co Alarms With Detecta Gas?

Why do you need to test your Carbon Monoxide Alarm with DETECTAGAS® - Why not just press the Test Button on the Alarm?

Pressing the Test Button on a CO Alarm is an electronic test of the circuitry. The Test Button does not fully test that the sensor is able to react when there is carbon monoxide present.

You may be under the impression that by pressing the test button and the alarm sounds that you and your loved ones are being protected. This is not the case. The only way to fully sensor inclusively test your co alarm is still able to sense the deadly gas and carry on giving life saving protection is to use a calibrated test gas kit - DETECTAGAS.

The last thing you want is to be pressing the button and think you are safe - and then the alarm doesn’t alert you to the presence of Carbon Monoxide when you need it to.

DETECTAGAS - Multi Award Winning Product is safe, easy, low cost way to regularly test all domestic carbon monoxide alarms.




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